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The Deanship of Student Affairs in the Red Sea University occupies a leading role among local, regional and international bodies that provide services and welfare aspects to student’s communities in all creative and educational fields in order to enhance the sense of belonging towards the University and the Nation.

Graduate students from RSU will possess creative academic knowledge in addition to life skills that contribute to the integrated motivation that can sustain the overall development of society and the nation.

- To contribute to the creation of an integrated and balanced development of career between the academic and personal qualities of university students’ that combine academic excellence and creative attitudes.
-To educate students and strengthen their sense of belonging to the nation.
- To provide psychological, cultural, scientific, social and sports care for students.
- To discover talent among students and carry further training opportunities and fine-tuning their visibility in order to be able to serve the wider community.

- Over all guidance to students specialized associations and Unions.
- Supervision of the medical commissions for examinations.
- Legal and administrative arrangements for the students union "elections each year."
- Issuance of university I.D. cards
- Conduct the university orientation programs for students of national service and facilitate visits by students from other universities.
- Establishment of cultural and sports tournaments.
- Supervision of sports and cultural activities at the level of Sudanese and over- seas universities.
- Supervision of the activities sponsored by Arab Council of Arab Training Programs for university students "each year".
- Consideration of special cases for student’s fees and welfare distribution (held every semester)

 - Provide social support for insolvent cases among students.

Introduction: -
The Deanship of Student Affairs is one of the university bodies entrusted with the students’ activities at different cultural, social, sporting and political dimensions .The  deanship supervises all educational activities that serve to improve the university environment and sustain academic achievements.

The deanship also issues proper university identification cards for all staff and students working in the academic institution and supervises graduate student records as well as receiving new students and sponsoring national and international student’s celebrations days. Further special university units which combat diseases such AIDS and special student groups and associations along with supervision of student’s union elections are being routinely maintained.



The RSU Scientific Affairs Secretariat looks to attain the highest academic achievements in the university marked by highest efficiency and proficiency to keep pace with diversities in scientific and technological developments.

The Secretariat of Scientific Affairs mission is to improve the scientific performance of the University through a review of the statutes, regulations curricula and academic status for the appointment and qualified faculty members. The secretariat supervises procedures and systems related to admission and registration of students in all the faculties of the university and follow up the decisions and recommendations of the senate and its out- standing committees. The criteria needed for proper record keeping and provision of all academic services for University graduates with all the efficiency needed are also embedded within the system.
The Secretariat of Scientific Affairs is entrusted with the stated mission in accordance with the basic statutes of the university and a separate statute No. (2), in accordance with the overall vision and mission of the university.

Administrative structure: -
The administrative structure of the Secretariat of Scientific is constituted from

-The Secretary of Scientific Affairs

-Executive Office,

 -Heads of departments, which include:
1. Admission and Registration: -
Section tasks are summarized below:
 Perform acceptance procedures and lay the foundations for registration for students admitted to the university and the consequent conversion procedures and others.
 Oversee application procedures for institutions of higher education through the admissions office.
 Follow-up and implementation of the recommendations of  the Admission and Registration Committee..

2. Department of examinations and certificates with the following tasks: -
• supervise the exams at the university.
• prepare and adopt a scientific university degrees and honorary awards

3. Follow- up section with the following tasks: -

• Minutes undertaking and follow up of senate ratifications

 • keeping record of all resolutions.
• Follow-up and implementation of the decisions and recommendations of the Senate and its various committees.

4. Statistics and Information Department: -
• Supervises the printing of statutes.
• To supervise the annual issuance of the university calendar.
• Scientific affairs section

5. Training Department: -
• Oversee the appointment of lecturers and training aides.
• Oversee the quality and timing of various training programs include: -
- Short training programs and courses.
- Internal missions.
- Foreign Missions.















































To utilize the investment on capital and human resources in the welfare of the RSU through institutional and administrative achievements to increase and diversify the financial resources in a way that would help the university administration to be well responsive  towards students and staff and the community in general.

To promote the development and diversification of financial resources in order to achieve the objectives of the strategic plan of the university and to attain global recognition through Evaluation and Accreditation  .

In light of the challenges ahead and decreasing government support year after year and in response to the requirements of the Strategic Plan which requires heavy  financial resources. The university administration has paid great attention to this vital matter, and established for this new development and investment admin. to achieve the following objectives
- Provide sustainable financial resources away from the routine sources of tuition fees and government support which are declining annually.
-Create investment units and development projects in collaboration with private institutions from both inside and outside the Sudan or with donors.
- Attract smart partnerships to achieve the goals of the Strategic Plan, both at the program level, infrastructure with bodies and institutions from within and outside Sudan.
 - Maximize the return of the opportunities available to the University and the establishment of service projects for employees to achieve job satisfaction.

-Diversification of financial resources, consideration of the general development plan and submit it to the competent authorities for approval, data and information to equity development for all units of the university.

- The development of university property and endowments and providing the economic feasibility of projects, study and evaluation and submit them to the competent authorities.


Administration sections
Management consists of the following sections:
Real estate and university services.
· Investment and development projects.
Advisory Unit (think tank)











Building Permanent partnership and communication between the Red Sea University and its graduates and sustain their obligation and  role in community service.


Building ties and cooperation between RSU and its graduates, and the exchange of knowledge and permanent contact between them in addition to encouraging them to participate in the development of the university programs.

Building a sophisticated data base for graduates which can be periodically updated to enable the continuous promotion and support of the university programs.


Organizational set up:

· Managing director.
· Secretarial.
· Follow-up department.
- Statistics and Information department.
-Media department





















The RSU security management to be a model in pioneering all the security operation among Sudanese , regional and global universities.

RSU security management is committed to maintaining security and safety by providing a secure and stable environment, and provide excellent service and maximize security partnership with local, regional and global community in a flexible framework that allows continuous improvement and maintain stability and peace among students.

1. Create and implement an integrated system of security and safety in the Permanent University and work for its development and coordination with the concerned authorities to security and safety inside and outside the university.
2. Secure  life and property within the university.

































Preach Islam in general Muslim community and - Promotion and dissemination of the Islamic religion values among all sectors and specially the youth.

To be the center of radiation for Islamic beliefs which suit all nations and to respond to other centers and  those interested to call inside and outside the country.
- Combining Islamic studies with on-going academic programs and give the holly Quran citation its full spectrum.

Instill the Islamic faith in the Muslim generations.
- Publication of the Qur'an and embrace its beliefs among Muslims.
- Promoting concepts of Scientific Revelations and miracles in the curricula of RSU.

The idea of the Islamic Dawa Center of Studies Department Islamic emerged from the University Council, who agreed to establish a scientific center in the university in September 2006. The real engine to spread Islam and strengthen its value lies in the hearts of people who believe in it as a way to strengthen life. The universities have a great role in promoting Dawaa beliefs intellectually and they can contribute to the reform of society on routine basis.

Tasks and functions of the center:
-Preach Islam in all Muslim communities.
-Promotion and dissemination of the Islamic religion values among youth

-Build generations which are cognitive with their religion and which are able to disseminate Islamic religion everywhere
-Strengthen the Islamic faith in Muslim generations
-Publication of the Quran and its beliefs in the lives of Muslims
-Conduct awareness against harmful habits and malpractices.
-Publishing legitimate concepts and scientific revelations of the Holy Qur'an
-Fight the destructive ideas, secularism and westernization








Sudanese woman committed to their faith and identity, civilized, advanced, and aware of its mission at national, regional and global levels and working to build the nation.

Work to uphold the meanings of affection, righteousness, obedience and fidelity, motherhood, and helping to build institutions to take care of and protect women and empower them.

-Create database of studies and research on women to help as a guiding reference for researchers and policy makers and others interested in women development.
- Encourage the development of applied research

- Research and studies section: -
The establishment of specialized studies and research on women's issues and to enable them and the problems that stand in its way and supervised by a group of researchers in collaboration with the center partners.

-Training section: -
Regard to the establishment of workshops and training courses, seminars and symposiums to raise the efficiency of workers in the field of community development
In general and the development of women in particular as well as the rehabilitation of workers at the center to lead the action importance of women's development efforts in support the overall development in the RSU in establishing a specialized center for Women's Studies to care about women's issues.

-The Centre's objectives are compatible with the goals of the university and public policy of the State and also with state policies aimed at educational attainment in order to support the mandate and achieve intellectual renaissance scientifically, economically and socially.

-The sustainability of developmental as well as scientific research issues which are linked to the different renewable needs of the community enrichment while highlighting the developmental, intellectual and religious values.

 Tasks and responsibilities: -

-Encourage the development of research and programs In the field of women's development and other relevant areas in the Red Sea State.

 - To contribute to the documentation and translation of topics that is related to women's issues

-To contribute to communicating knowledge to target groups and beneficiaries and target groups.

Means and ways: -
- Research and specialized studies.
- Organize and participate in formal and informal panel discussions, workshops and conferences.
- The establishment of community development programs.
- Strengthen link between the results of scientific research and establish collaboration with community organizations in order to achieve social justice.
- The use of the World Wide Web for the purpose of identification and declaration of

Centre's role: -
- Research.
-Issuing awareness bulletins and guide in various fields.
- The establishment of relations with the similar centers at the national, regional and international levels.
- Monitoring of the variables in the social status and bio-data concerning women's education - health - culture - economic activities and social indices.


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