Sudanese woman committed to their faith and identity, civilized, advanced, and aware of its mission at national,More...


Work to uphold the meanings of affection, righteousness, obedience and fidelity, motherhood, and helping to build institutions More..


-Create database of studies and research on women to help as a guiding reference for researchers and policy makers More...

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- Research and studies section: -
The establishment of specialized studies and research on women's issues and to enable them and the problems that stand in its way and supervised by a group of researchers in collaboration with the center partners.

-Training section: -
Regard to the establishment of workshops and training courses, seminars and symposiums to raise the efficiency of workers in the field of community development
In general and the development of women in particular as well as the rehabilitation of workers at the center to lead the action importance of women's development efforts in support the overall development in the RSU in establishing a specialized center for Women's Studies to care about women's issues.

-The Centre's objectives are compatible with the goals of the university and public policy of the State and also with state policies aimed at educational attainment in order to support the mandate and achieve intellectual renaissance scientifically, economically and socially.

-The sustainability of developmental as well as scientific research issues which are linked to the different renewable needs of the community enrichment while highlighting the developmental, intellectual and religious values.


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